The Missing Link to Innovation and Inclusion

Table Stakes for Catalyzing Innovation

Harvard Business School Professor and author Clay Christiensen makes great sense in this article The changes he recommends would aim capital toward empowering innovations and unbind employees who have been forced to focus on the short-term.

These are not just good ideas but table stakes for leaving a flourishing economy for the next generation.

If we did just what he recommends (change metrics, change capital gains tax, change politics), is innovation a given? More likely, yes, but not automatic. Why? Because today’s innovations are more cross-disciplinary than ever, our workforce is more diverse than ever, yet outgroup empathy is not natural. Active stewardship of organizational empathy is required to build trust to move through the inevitable trials and failures of successful innovation.

So, yes, I hope the would-be Presidents would be willing and able to help effect the changes Professor Christiensen recommends. I also hope those who lead organizations will learn to steward their currency of empathy. Then the power of our diverse workforce and our capital will be unleashed to build a better tomorrow in this country.

Thanks to Ray Leach, CEO of JumpStart Inc for sharing this article

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