The Missing Link to Innovation and Inclusion

If Sheryl Sandberg was wrong, and “leaning in” isn’t the answer, what is?

As the New York Times reports, Facebook has not been the force for good it wanted to beLeaning in (to the current system) is empty, according to the Washington Post. Sheryl Sandberg is “just another corporate warrior” rather than a feminist hero.

So, what now?


Coming soon…




Our country is divided. The news cycle is discouraging. Emotional and physical toxicity are affecting our health and well-being. There are words for what is happening. We are suffering from an empathy deficit disorder.

The good news is there is a way out. Healing starts with reexamining our modern myths about how we work, what “quality time” at home really means, and why the age-old battle of the sexes persists. Is there a way to come together in this era of bitterness, distrust, #MeToo, and #HimToo? Empathy Deficit Disorder sets the table for that new way.


Advanced Praise for Empathy Deficit Disorder

“Jackie and Eva’s message offers real cause for hope. For those who are sick of the cynical zeitgeist, I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. The revolution of the future will hinge on the empathy-inducing “co-creation” explained so masterfully and entertainingly in these pages. This book is a convincing read whether one is a Democrat, Republican or like me a left leaning Libertarian.” —Detective Chris Gibbons, Cleveland Police Department

“Acho and Basilion understand that caring for and listening to children—their own children, in the deepest sense—promotes empathy in the children and enhances the parents’ own capacities for empathy. They have taken this simple but profound understanding and skillfully applied it, not only to their spouses, but to the work force, corporations, and the inner-connectivity of the internet—all with the vision of creating a more functional world. Empathy Deficit Disorder is an uplifting, inspiring book. It makes you think. It makes you smile. And it makes you feel more hopeful than you did before you picked it up!” —Barbara Streeter, Director of the Hanna Perkins School and Faculty Chair of the Cleveland Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training Program

“Titled rather simply, this book is a kaleidoscope of human experience. The authors dig deep into their own life experiences, giving us glimpses into their very core. They fortify their experiences with wicked intellect, and then they add soul—the kind that reveals our collective humanity. Then they apply it to life. From the C-suite, to the network, to parenthood, Acho and Basilion examine the conflicts embedded in these areas and then offer us a better way: choosing empathy. The book will cause you to self-examine. It will provoke you to think, and think again. It will drive you to be your sister’s keeper, and your brother’s, and your neighbor’s too.” —Harold V. Jones, Executive Vice President of Eaton Business System & Sustainability, Eaton Corporation


11 Responses to “If Sheryl Sandberg was wrong, and “leaning in” isn’t the answer, what is?”

    • jackieacho

      Thanks Steve! It will be uploaded on Amazon this week. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much for commenting and being willing to share. Xo

  1. Shyam

    Jackie – could you let your FB foollowing on launch date and if you’re giving any talks along the way? Can’t wait to get my copy!

  2. Barbara Streeter

    Jackie –

    This is both lovely and exciting.

    Thanks for sending,


    ps there’s a typo in my quote – two letters left out of “Deficit” when there’s a reference to the book’s title.


    • jackieacho

      Thanks Barbara, and thanks so much again for reading the book and providing commentary. It’s all good on the back cover. For some reason those two letters were left off when I copied the text here. Fixed now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. cindy schulz

    Jackie, Can’t wait for your book to be released! Proud of you! Cindy


    • jackieacho

      Wonderful to hear from you Cindy. I can’t wait to know what you think of the ideas inside. We’ve talked about many of them for soooooo long. Ever since you rocked infant Sophie to sleep when the ladies came to visit after she was born 🙂 Hope you and your beautiful family have a lovely Thanksgiving

  4. jccnap

    Congratulations, Jackie! Sounds like a very interesting (and very needed) book on a critical topic.

    Best, Angela



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